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Helping you be calm, confident and credible every time you deliver a presentation.

Develop effective public speaking skills and enjoy the success you deserve.


BAD: Being at a meeting where people are thinking, “I’ll never get this time back.”


WORSE: Being at a meeting where people are thinking, “I’ll never get this time back.” And you are the presenter!


Your presentation skills are more important to your career than ever before. And those who best communicate their messages, credibility and ideas will advance their careers, while those less skilled will continue to struggle.


Let me ask you this ...

Are you going to put up with your heart racing, sweating profusely, and forgetting what you were going to say when it’s time to deliver a presentation?


Are you comfortable with “winging it” and telling yourself you did the best you could, even though you know it’s not the truth?


Are you okay with damaging your credibility?


Developing your public speaking and presentation skills may be the difference between enjoying the high level of success you've envisioned and looking back on your career with regret.


The benefits of being a stronger, more skillful presenter

Some experts suggest that speaking to audiences in a compelling manner increases one’s value in business by as high as 50 percent. And while mastering public speaking skills certainly benefits your career, not having engaging presentation skills can be as equally devastating.


Difference between enjoying the high level of success you've envisioned and looking back on your career with regret


Additional benefits you can expect when you are a more skillful presenter

  • Be calm, confident and comfortable every time you speak in public
  • Increase your confidence
  • Decrease your anxiety
  • Increase your value to your company
  • Be a more effective leader
  • Boost sales
  • Differentiate yourself from others
  • Establish yourself as an expert
  • Develop greater credibility
  • Spread your influence
  • Impact more people
  • Inspire and energize others


Have you given up on being a confident and capable public speaker and presenter?


Whether you are an executive, attorney, executive director of a nonprofit, consultant, coach, or are preparing for a TED Talk, having the ability to engage and inspire your audience is often a determining factor on the level of success you enjoy throughout your career.


Imagine what it would be like to be calm, confident, and comfortable every time you present ... to systematically go from where you are as a public speaker to being one who consistently engages, inspires and persuades your audiences!


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"Peter’s extensive experience, acuity and insight allow him to see things you may have never considered, which makes for a markedly improved delivery of your key ideas. His anecdotal and engaging teaching style ... " read more


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